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Astrological Consulting and Counselling

Are you working with the charts of others, as well as your own? Maybe you're a qualified, consulting/counselling astrologer or perhaps you're testing out what you know and understand but are still feeling your way?

Here are a few hints and tips, based on my own experience as an astrological counsellor and consultant, and as a trainer for learner astrologers. 

  • Assume your client knows nothing about astrology even if they say they do. It's always helpful and useful to recap and explain the Huber Approach so you both know where you're coming from.
  • Explain the basic ways into the chart (see my blogs posts on this topic, my books The Cosmic Egg Timer and The Living Birth Chart).Tell them what you are doing when you start to look at a chart.
  • Consider the chart image, aspect colours, overall chart shaping, direction of chart, the I/You emphasis, the quadrant emphasis, the aspect patterns - these are covered in The Cosmic Egg Timer and in all published books on the Huber Method available (see "Books" pages of this blog).
  • "Astrojargon" - do you use it? Avoid wherever possible and use lay language - translate and explain what you see in the chart. Put what you say into terms and language your client will understand and be able to relate to.
  • Do you sometimes get bogged down/lost when looking at/working on a chart? This is when some people start to struggle and as an astrologer, you can always pause, summarise and reflect on what has been covered so far. You can also ask your client of they have any specific questions arising from what has already been covered in the session.
  • Always remember to draw on your own enthusiasm for astrology as this will help you share what you see in the chart with your client. You can share this enthusiasm and put it to good use by explaining what you see in a lively and engaging way. This will help offset the likelihood of getting stuck.

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